What we're up to.



A DFA Culture

Our studio hosts a number of social events throughout the year for members to bond and learn more about each other. We actively encourage members to engage with other DFAers outside of their teams, while trying to have plenty of fun doing activities such as taking trips to Curtis Apple Orchard, setting up coffee chats, and more!


Expand your skillsets

We host a number of developmental events to further our members' personal, academic, and professional goals. From learning how to utilize design tools such as Adobe CC and AutoCAD, building your LinkedIn presence, to laser-cutting projects, members will find ways to enhance their skillsets. Additionally, we host a field-trip to Chicago every spring to visit companies who have embraced human-centered design (such as IDEO, The Greater Good Studio, Microsoft, and more), learning how human-centered design can be applied to your career-path.


Midwest Meetups

Every year, the Design For America Midwest regional studios all meet up for a weekend conference at a host university. In the fall of 2018, our studio's Midwest Meetup team decided to host the regional event here at UIUC! Over the course of a weekend, members from a range of studios came together to connect, trade ideas, and attend a number of workshops encompassing the human-centered design process.

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