About Us

Who we are, and what we do.



Noun: 1. a group of people united in making an impact on the world around them

Our Vision

Design for America is a nationwide network of student-led organizations that aims to create products and solutions that solve real world problems. Design for America at University of Illinois is one of the most inclusive clubs on campus, boasting students from dozens of majors, as well as one of the top performing DFA studios in the nation.

Our Process

Tackling complex social challenges can be tricky. The Design for America design process is here to help! We form teams composed of all backgrounds and majors to design products and solutions that solve real world problems. These projects all follow a guided DFA process with the ultimate goal of implementing the solution into the market.

Our Facilities

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Our members have access to state of the art facilities at the NCSA building on campus. Within the building, we also have our own room for relaxing, studying, meeting, brainstorming, building, and more.

Armory Innovation Space

Members have access to the cutting-edge resources offered in the Innovation Space. Centrally located on campus, the space provides a meeting space for individual teams as well as a gathering location for developmental events as a Studio.

Our Exec Board

Meet the team.

Lucas O'Bryan


Kirtan Patel


Jake Pisarski


Forest Lam

Professional Outreach

Angela Chan

Internal Education

Aayushi Patel